Marriage, Labour, Prison and Death

There is metal in all these things

Rings, machines and bars

My repertoire of memories

Played on a guitar


The first fret at the altar

Promise pictured ear to ear

A Spring ceremony

“We are all gathered here”


The second fret discordant

From the key diverts

Fingers getting calloused

From being overworked


The third is shadow and mistake

In the shape of Henry Lee

The sentence already sowed

By the seeds of jealousy


The fourth and final fret

Meant nothing to a soul

I could never fill the spaces

As the soil did the hole



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Top 12 Best Songs of All Time

Sam Cooke – A Change is Gonna Come

Chet Atkins – My Funny Valentine

The Band – Whispering Pines

Elvis – If I Can Dream

Martha Reeves – (Love Is Like A) Heatwave

Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Ludwig Van Beethoven – 5th movement 1

Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys – Blue Moon of Kentucky

Chubby Checker – The Twist

The Four Tops – Reach Out I’ll Be There

The Kinks – Really Got Me

The Temptations – My Girl 




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Hip Hop Mix

1. Notorious B.I.G. – Things Done Changed

2. De La Soul – Thru Ya City

3. Lauryn Hill -Every Ghetto Every City

4. Beastie Boys – Sure Shot

5. Nas – Memory Lane

6. Kanye West – Monster

7. Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E.

8. Busta Rhymes – Dangerous

9. 2 Pac – Hit Em Up

10. Missy Elliot – Work It

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Another Lyric From Way Back

I’m not a real bright spark
I’d be the first to admit it
Don’t follow weather and politics
Cause one’s cold and miserable and one ruins picnics
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
that’s enough kissing now dig the grave
Oh how nasty a sweet girl can be
An innocent face but history speaks differently

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An Old Lyric Of Mine

It probably wouldn’t go down well

If I came out and tell you

That your makeup is all uneven

And your eyes look like Richard Hell’s

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One Person Loves Me

I want to be loved

We all do

Those who say we don’t need it

Aren’t telling the truth


One person loves me

And that’s enough

On person love me

And that will do

As long as the one person

who loves me is you


I want to feel joy

Rising within

Like a music’s crescendo

is exhalting


I don’t need

flowers thrown at my feet

Or rapturous applause

to fulfill a greed

for love from everyone

my theater needs just one seat

assigned just for you

to love me



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31 Songs – A Song a Day in May

I have a loose plan to write a song every day in May and record each one and put it up on youtube. It’s a fairly stupid idea because so far this year I’m averaging less than one song per week. Also I don’t want the visual to be me playing guitar so I don’t know about that. I’ll do all the songs in one take and put them up by the end of the day (Montreal time).

I can’t think of any rules that I need to make it work. Maybe if I’m away for a few days in Ottawa or something then I have to make it up. I don’t know???


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