Rackets and Fives is an independent six-piece band that formed as a recording project in 2009. Three of the band members have made music together for almost a decade under other names. The latest line-up came together from a variety of musical backgrounds, bringing together a love for folk, dark country music, 60’s pop hooks and a bit of classical. The result of the group’s diverse parts created something altogether new. The goal for Rackets and Fives has always been to make an amazing album – no singles, no EPs, no live shows, only a full-length. We wanted to record an album because we’re all music geeks and we grew up caring a great deal about the ‘old format’. The project has been two years in the making and we are set to release our debut this year. The first song we are releasing is Rust Bucket – a track harking back to the old-time writing tradition of early folk and outlaw country.

Rackets and Fives are:

David Owen

Angie Boyce

Breanna Evangelista

J.P. Papineau

Kok-Wah Seet

Richard Mackenzie

+ guest Jack Midalia

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