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Top 10 Perth Songs

I love lists. Recently I’ve tried to complete the most elusive list of all: The top 10 songs of all time. It is nigh on impossible! Since that list has proved to be very hard I thought I would start out with an easier one. So here, in no particular order is my top 10 songs from my hometown of Perth:

The Triffids – Tender is the Night (the Long Fidelity)

Josh Fontaine + 6s & 7s – Holidayz

Jebediah -Lino

The Kill Devil Hills – Gunslinger

Umpire – Streamers

Turnstyle – I’m a Bus

Bank Holidays – Oh Daylight

The Preytells – Could I Change Your Mind

Ammonia – Drugs

Capital City – Let’s Throw Our Love Away (Thanks to Jamie for this suggestion)

– Dave


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We are all excited to be included on this year’s WAMI CD. The track that will feature on the compilation is ‘Rust Bucket’. It’s actually a slightly different mix than the version on the album. We probably should have given it some stupid remix name like ‘Rust Bucket poppin’ remix 2011′. (I actually stole that from Chris Brown). We can play spot the difference.


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