Storm Surge

Capo on 4th

G D/F# A/E
There’s only the night
that comes with surprise
white on the peak
and spring rain in sheets
oh my head feels
like a swimming ship
there’s a storm surge
and the winds whip
There’s only the night
lost memories
hiding underneath
so that you can’t see
slowly it sets
the sun soon forgets
until again
it shines and burns skin

D Bmin C#min D E
D Bmin C#min D E
D Bmin C#min D E
D Bmin C#min D E F#min G A7

D A Bmin G Emin
The whitewash swells and crashes
my whit knuckles take the lashes
holding on to the railing so I don’t go overboard

There’s only the night
and if not for the starry sky
I’d be lost
and I’d just drive
and wackel Elvis swings
hung on a string
his hips moving
with the suspension’s jerky springs
There’s only the night
the rumble strip
rattling the tires
when I slipped into sleep
I grabbed the wheel
alert like a thief
seconds pass
what a relief!


So I don’t go overboard repeat X2
C/G  D/F#  G


E riff G/C F#/D G

C Cmaj7 Csus C7
The moment came but I missed my chance
G F#/D Emin
maybe it wasn’t written
I met my match and struck it fast
G F#/D C
and everything is disappearing
cause nothing good ever lasts

Emin A X 3 (violin Ab Eb B C# Bb F#)
F#7 B7 (B G F#) Emin


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