Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket

Dmin G
The old rust bucket won’t make it
the old rust bucket won’t last
but if I try
F Dmin G
by some miracle
Dmin G C
I just might get close to home

The whole place has gone crazy
the whole place has lost it
if I lie
and say I’m doing fine
all the hurt may not show

Those same mistakes
are what got me here in the first place
Dmin Amin Dmin
what we’ve got here ain’t anything new
Dmin Amin/C G/G F Amin
that don’t change too much for my case
Dmin G C E7
I guess I better grow up and act my age


key change
Dmin G C
G G#sus Amin7 B7

Emin A
Bmin G Emin A
Emin A D


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