Peyton Place

Verse: Bb Gmin Eb D7 Eb Cmin

With the sun beating down on an Autumn day
I’m loving it
The wind blowing in and that’s the way it is
I don’t have to do anything, it’s all done
the dust on the sill and the dishes in the sink

But if you catch my drift, if you catch my drift
maybe baby we can have a happy ending yet
but if you won’t fall in
playing small violins
and saying “how sad for you”
there is nothing else that I can give

Chorus: F Cmin Dmin Gmin Dmin Eb7 F
Maybe baby we have had enough
darling there’s no way to count on luck
but if you see no point in asking
well then shut up
darling that’s no way to catch up

Then the clouds roll in off the ocean
fourth season in the day
lock all the doors and keep the warm air in
your corner talk, questions asked, jabs at my cheekbones
break the shaft of Cupid’s arrow


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