Ellis Island

Capo 2nd fret

G Amin C Emin Amin (A Bmin D F#min)
It’s a accident that’s waiting to happen
I could get the customs officer booked there’s no question

I caught a ride on a White Star Line
all leaks, overbooked and I wouldn’t have cared if it went down
They let the poor folks in the gorgeous hall
It looked like Oliver Twist attending the Plaza’s ball

Don’t get me started on the service
They must’ve thought my blood was red but it’s as blue as they come
I guess they’ve got a different idea
of what it means to say the customer is sovereign they
just chalked my suit

D7 G C Amin C (E7 A D Bmin D)
Emin Amin C D (F#min Bmin D E)
To Mary, I want to write a postcard
so many rode the hudson to Ellis Island
D7 G C Amin C (E7 A D Bmin D)
I’ve spent some time on the Atlantic Ocean
Emin C Amin C D (F#min D Bmin D E)
now I’ve hardly landed and I’m already in question

I didn’t say much on the way
and funnily enough neither did Anna Q Nilsson
they were some of the worst conditions I’ve ever seen
I’ll make a complaint when we reach our destination

C C/B Amin (D D/C Bmin)
the bunks are as hard as hell
G Fbass E7 (A Gbass F#7)
in this crummy hotel
C Amin D7 (D Bmin E7)
wait till my agent gets a whiff of this
C Amin (D Bmin)
then I’ll get my upgrade
G E7 (A F#7)
to a place up on the Palisades
C C/B Amin D G (D D/C Bmin E A)
a 5-star stay overlooking New York City


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