Drop Out


Is there a chance that we can be friends?
But I don’t know about the things
The things that you seem to know
Well let me in and let’s see where it goes
I’ve been feeling like a circle
Going round and round in your journal
Where my name keeps cropping up
Don’t play it coy now I know that it does
You wanna think about the message you send
Soon you’re gonna be lonely with them
And I’ve been thinking about you forever
Enrolled in your classes – found something better
Did the roll and you didn’t show up
Dropped out my life – threw out the junk
Sometimes choices are hard to make
And sometimes people are hard to face

I’m going to stick around ‘til I know I’m the loser
Grab another clone baby take him home

Let’s dropout
Let’s dropout

Swipe left
Swipe right
Wanna meet up with me tonight?
Banana gets more sugar
Cause you have it ripe
Thank you for asking – yeah I’m doing alright
I know you’ve got school
But you’re gonna drop out
You treat me like a fool
Hell I’m still around
I’m not too proud for crumbs of fun
3am baby my phone is still on…

left a message on the absentee line
excuses excuses… whatever it’s fine

Sometimes I get so confused
Don’t even know if I love you
I threw your present in the bin
A maudlin morning, too much thinking about you

Don’t want the world, don’t want to hear