Verse: C Amin Emin

I get chills when everything is ending quick
not in the rain
not in the wind
looking out through glass at it
wound round the thing like a tightened string

Dmin E7 Amin
Dmin E7 Amin
F E7 Amin
Dmin E7 Amin

the day ends the day begins
in the traffic jam again
just once surprise me with
a fire on the median strip

I get chills like a lightning bolt cracking
out of the blue like a blink
and each day is a bee sting
and a little bit of life is on the wind

C G Amin F
The breakfast announcer is reading out the weather
It’s raining, that’s not hard to see
the traffic will free up when never meets forever
Dmin E7 Amin
and I can drive there in my sleep
Dmin E7 Amin
they call it bride’s greed

Dmin E7 Amin
I won’t have to call in sick


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