Bands I’ve been in…

Mosquito (Joshua Hobby, Hayley Owen and Chris Saunders)
Dushku (Rowan Slee and Mark Price)
Galstaff the Master Wizard (Andrew Craig and Mark Price?)
Roger Slee and the McGill Masters (Roger Slee and Jennifer Coutlee)
Paper Street (Alex Fisher, Kate Wilson, Breanna Evangelista and Leon Ormes)
Generals and Majors – for a short stint (Michael Strong, Matt Berghuis and Dane Knowles)
Mrs Henry (Jack Midalia, Kok-Wah Seet and J.P. Papineau)
Rackets and Fives (Angie Boyce, Breanna Evangelsita, J.P. Papineau, Richard Mackenzie and Kok-wah Seet)
Surf Rabbits (Jamie Macdonald, Mark Davies and Angie Boyce)
+ one jam with Ryan Sandilands, Anetta Nevin and Alex Griffin to round things off (I think they were calling themselves Mount at the time??)


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