Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time

Some people seem to have been pissed on facebook about the list that Triple J recently aired. I am not really bothered what people selected for that. Why get annoyed about what other people like? It’s interesting to check it out and see what the JJJ audience are in to. On Powderfinger – I think they are a really good band and was a big fan in high school. Double Allergic and Internationalist spark nostalgia (As does Living End, Frenzal, Silverchair, Eskimo Joe and a whole bunch of other pretty shitty bands). Powderfinger are definitely a middle of the road band but whatever I still like listening to their early releases. Nothing should be embarrassing – not even liking Powderfinger.

Here’s my go at a list. I made a rule – no doubles.

1. The Triffids – Born Sandy Devotional
2. The Go-Betweens – 16 Lovers Lane
3. Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls – Gossip
4. Crowded House – Together Alone
5. The Kill Devil Hills – The Drought
6. Augie March – Moo, You Bloody Choir
7. Regurgitator – Unit
8. Jebediah – Slightly Odway
9. 6s and 7s – Choose the Sentinel Blooze
10. Hunters and Collectors – Human Frailty
11. You Am I – Hourly Daily
12. The Skyhooks – Living in the 70s
13. The Bank Holidays – As a Film
14. The Avalanches – Since I Left You
15. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Good Son
16. AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
17. Custard – We Have the Technology
18. Powderfinger – Internationalist
19. Snowman – Snowman
20. Eddie Current Suppression Ring – Primary Colours

There are some great things missing from the list – The Church, The Easybeats and The Saints etc – All awesome but I haven’t listened to the albums properly.


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